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“The Four Seasons” – Extraordinary Art at the Collection of the Russian Museum of Málaga

12711297_1716321701947922_4622252350874229697_oI raved about the Collection of the Russian Museum when it opened in Málaga last year and have visited often. They have recently changed the permanent collection and the new exhibition is called “The Four Seasons” and will run through until January 2017.

It really is an art gallery that has stolen my heart – I love the way it is laid out, the spaces and the lighting  (something that often irks me in galleries and museums). This exhibition is equally as fantastic as the first one.

You enter the permanent collection with “Winter” and proceed through “Spring, Summer and Autumn” with incredible works by Russian artists of different eras and styles.

Don’t miss it!! Address, opening times etc. at the bottom of this post.


Address : Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15 (In the old to tobacco factory known as La Tabacalera).

The Tourist Bus Line 2 (Hop on Hop off)  runs from the city centre as do the Public Bus Lines 15 & 16.

The nearest Metro station is Princesa – Huelin.

Parking is available at the Museum.

Taxi from the city centre is about 8€


Opening Hours:

September 16th – June 15th : 09.30 – 20.00

June 16th – September 15th (Summer) : 11.00 – 22.00

Close Mondays (and January 1st & December 25th).


Entry is 6€ for the permanent collection and 8€ for both the permanent and  temporary collections. Reduced entry fees for Students under 26 and over 65’s.

Free Entrance on Sundays from 4.00pm to closing time.


2 comments on ““The Four Seasons” – Extraordinary Art at the Collection of the Russian Museum of Málaga

  1. Fiona Walker
    February 19, 2016

    In the unlikely even that someone reads this and isn’t bowled over enough to be sure they want to visit, please please do. I found the insight into the ‘real’ Russian countryside, landscape, even people, an eye-opener and quite an emotional one too. The gallery’s not half bad too!

    • Tapas in Malaga
      February 19, 2016

      I totally agree Fiona. Truly wonderful and I too was moved as I always am by that Museum. How lucky are we that they chose Málaga to open their museum in! 🙂

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